Attainable Housing for Our Community

Boomtown Development Company is driven to provide quality, safe, affordable housing – both rental and single family owner occupied – for individuals and families.

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About Us

Boomtown Development Company is a 501c3 supporting affiliate of Tulsa Habitat for Humanity and a Community Housing Development Organization with the City of Tulsa. Boomtown was created to develop workforce/missing middle single family housing, as well as rental housing for Tulsa Habitat’s PATHWAYS program.

Workforce or missing middle housing refers to housing for those families having a household income of between 80% and 120% of the Area Median Income. Currently in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, for a family of four, this would be an income band of approximately $54,900 - $82,320.

Tulsa Habitat created PATHWAYS to offer families that are not quite ready for homeownership the option of living in safe, affordable rental housing if they currently find themselves in a situation of overcrowding, substandard housing or are housing cost burdened. Boomtown provides the rental housing for those families.

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What We Do



Boomtown builds new homes and rehabilitates existing homes that are attractive to the workforce/middle income families in our community. All new construction homes have a minimum of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 1 car garage. Check out the Projects section of our website for current owner occupied opportunities.

Owner Occupied

Owner Occupied

Boomtown seeks to provide both apartment homes and single family homes as rental opportunities for families working through the PATHWAYS program. Once a family is in the Tulsa Habitat homeownership pipeline, and the homeowner counselor indicates there is a need and desire for an immediate change in the family’s living situation, they notify Boomtown staff and we go to work. Check out the Projects section of our website for rental opportunities.



Families that are interested in a Boomtown rental or owner occupied home, benefit from attending classes on homeownership, money management, landscape and lawn care, simple home repair and others. Classes are offered on a revolving basis throughout the year.

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